Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum Foundry

Aluminum is one of the most common metals used on a large scale to different kind of casting in aluminum foundry. Aluminum has so many advantages and benefits due to which it is preferred to other metals. It is also available easily and offer good quality for different purposes. If you see around you at your home, in shops, canteen etc, you will notice most of the products are made of aluminum. After first use, they are crushed down and sold as scraps. Even though this is the same for all metal, but aluminum is very light as well due to which it is preferred all over the world.

Aluminum could be melt even at most of the small home-made furnace which are found in clusters in some areas. You call them small metal casting foundry or just small aluminum foundries. In aluminum foundries, charcoal is also used, but some prefer propane as this is easily available. If you are going to start your own metal casting foundry, you should start with charcoal because it is fine for you.
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If your source of aluminum is soda cans, then it would depend on the amount of size and quantity you are going to cast in your metal foundry. Make sure that the cans are completely crushed down so that they occupy less space, otherwise you will not be able to melt them in less rounds.

There are different techniques, processes or methods used in aluminum foundries, it depends on you what you like for casting molds. Generally there are three main methods performed during casting, which include investment casting, sand casting and lost foam casting. In addition, also keep this in your mind that you do not need to do any experiment just to see if aluminum could be mix with any other metal or not. It could be used with any metal casting technique without causing any risk and problems.

Sand Casting

This is very common process of casting and used by most of the casters to break or melt aluminum in furnace in metal casting foundry. In this process, sand is used as a mixture with other agent to make a mold. After the casting, sand is removed off very carefully from the mold. If care is not taken, there might be some empty space in cast item.

Lost Foam Casting

Evaporating casting is called lost foam casting. This is just like the sand casting method. This is also one of the cheapest processes if utilized with second hand crushed soda cans aluminum. What you want to cast should be covered with ceramic shell. During this process molten aluminum is carefully poured or put into a cup that is already there in the copy. Foam vaporizes leaving a ceramic shell and upon removing the shell, aluminum casting is acquired.

Investment Casting

Investment casting is the best option for jewelers to get precise and exact designing having full detail. This casting is of ancient times and since then has been function due to some advantages. In metal casting foundry, wax copy is created and then it is covered with a shell. Once molten aluminum or metal is poured inside, it replaces the wax which is supposed to melt out from the shell. Most of artists and casters prefer this technique.