WAYNE H. GAO ~ Artist
Art on Tile Art on Tile Furniture Award Winning Art

Wayne H. Gao is a famous Chinese Ceramic Artist, the former director of the Louyang Art Institute. Fascinated with arts and colors from his childhood, Gao invented ways to express them perfectly on ceramic tiles. His secret glaze formulas combining with his unique slow firing and cooling process enabled him to create unparalleled art on tile with rich deep colors. His talent and dedication have earned him the title of "The Master of Chinese Ceramic Art" and his art works have been collected worldwide and displayed on landmark buildings, train stations and parks.

Now living in Los Angeles, Gao has created a compilation of Art on Tiles combining ancient Chinese philosophies with modern western cultures. His passion for innovation and perfection has also led him to recent creations of giant single piece tabletops (24" round), giant single piece art tiles (18x24) and ceramic art patio furniture. His other art tiles include 4x4, 8x8, 12x12, 11x14, 16x16 and 13x16 inches. Each tile was drawn and glazed by hand, then fired over 24 hours with peak temperature over 2000 degrees F. This slow and skillful process gives unmatched detail and dimension to each tile that will last generations.

Every tile comes with a backing, which enables it to stand or be hung. For permanent wall installation, the backing can be removed by s
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